It’s obvious that I LOVE cats. So for me, Hello Kitty is the equivalent of a super hero! Anything she does or endorses is instantly on my wishlist. Her latest collaboration is with Laduree of Paris another of my all time favourites. I love their macarons and their incredibly pretty packaging and presentation. The collection includes macarons of course, as well as chocolates and some non-edible collectibles like stickers, key rings and  jewellery. It’s all left me wishing for a trip to Paris just to admire and buy some of these cutesy goodies. But for now, these images will have to suffice! 

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    -hyperventilating- when are these coming out! I need to pick these up at Laduree NY when they do~!!
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    WELL, since i’m HERE………………………..
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    awwyiss. i hope Laduree has these in London when I go there. *A*
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    So excited for these! x]
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