A few things make me as happy as a well laid out, beautiful and inspired living space. So over the next few posts I thought I’d highlight different rooms of a home and my favourite picks for each; starting with the heart of any home—the kitchen. One of my  all time favourites is from the movie It’s Complicated, where Meryl Streep’s character is a gourmet baker. It’s open, it’s airy and it feels like anything you’d cook in there is bound to taste good too! I’m not a big fan of the modern, sleek, less is more kitchen. I like ‘em filled with rustic charm, warm tones, lots of wood and of course happy words and laughter! Sustainable, Eco-friendly kitchens are becoming very popular too. Power saving appliances, environmentally friendly material for building, access to herb gardens and enough natural light to remove the need for artificial lighting during the day at least.  

P.S. I couldn’t find credits for all the pictures. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone out! 

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It’s obvious that I LOVE cats. So for me, Hello Kitty is the equivalent of a super hero! Anything she does or endorses is instantly on my wishlist. Her latest collaboration is with Laduree of Paris another of my all time favourites. I love their macarons and their incredibly pretty packaging and presentation. The collection includes macarons of course, as well as chocolates and some non-edible collectibles like stickers, key rings and  jewellery. It’s all left me wishing for a trip to Paris just to admire and buy some of these cutesy goodies. But for now, these images will have to suffice! 

I went window shopping over the weekend I found two new bags one from Gucci and the other from Bottega Veneta that I fell in love with right away. The 1970 from Gucci comes in a bright, leafy green which I’m totally drooling over. And I don’t even like green! I love the golden hardware at the edges and the pretty tassles. It’s so old school but so current. Also comes in black, white and tan.The Intrecciato Impero Linen Knot from BV is PERFECTION. It’s not leather (which I always prefer), has a linen chord and comes in these really luscious colours. But just for it’s usability, I like the one in Plaster (a really light silvery champagne). But the pink and the orange are great too if you’re in the mood for some colour blocking. 

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I know that most of the world is celebrating the start of Spring, but here in India it’s already hot, hot, hot! Weather talk aside, changing seasons basically mean that it’s time for a wardrobe change! I’m in the mood for some bright and juicy colours these days so here’s my pick for Spring-Summer handbags! 

(Source: neimanmarcus.com, toryburch.com, michaelkors.com)

My sister is visiting Hong Kong this week so it sparked off this post. HK is my favourite Asian city and like I always say- it’s our answer to New York :)! I love the energy and how it’s such a great melting pot of cultures and a perfect example of what a 21st century world city should be like. It has modern skyscrapers around every corner, the hottest designer stores and world famous restaurants & yet its traditions are everywhere. Its all rolled into one perfect package. Parts of the city still have a very evident British vibe which is probably another reason that makes it such a perfect East-West mix. It has everything you need for a perfect holiday- great food, fashion, sights and Disneyland! For street shopping visit Ladies Market, for high street there are dozens of malls like Times Square, for upscale stores Queens Road and just in case you decide you want a new pet fish, cat or dog visit the famous Goldfish Market. Both parts-the main Hong Kong island and Kowloon- are filled with things to do and places to visit. I personally love the IFC building, the LKF area and actually I can’t pick a favourite. I’m a HK fan through and through! The people are friendly and it’s just a great place for a city holiday. 

P.S. It’s just a short boat ride to Macau which makes it that much more enticing to visit. Look out for my Macau post next week! 

Over the course of last week, two luxury brands opened their second store in Mumbai at the fancy Palladium Mall. I love both the labels and have over the years even developed my own favorites from each! The ‘Knot’ from Bottega is beautiful. Period. Jimmy Choo can make comfy espadrilles and sky high heels that sparkle like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Love ‘em all! 

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Taking off from my post yesterday about my Persian cat Diego, this Jason Wu for Target canvas tote is a bag right after my heart! Now if only they had Target where I live! 

Taking off from my post yesterday about my Persian cat Diego, this Jason Wu for Target canvas tote is a bag right after my heart! Now if only they had Target where I live! 

My 5-year old Persian kitty Diego. Doesn’t he look like a little lion here?

My 5-year old Persian kitty Diego. Doesn’t he look like a little lion here?

I love cats and this website makes my heart purr. Just too cute! www.lovemeow.com 

Alexander McQueen 

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